Dec 24, 2013, 5:26 PM |

My wife is a nurse and used to be the night supervisor at a nursing home. She was also in charge of training and did part of the general duties even though that was not her job description.

One evening she was training 4 nurse aids. Going from one patient to another and explaining the care needed for each individual patient.

They came accross a lady who had terrible afflictions. She had sores all over her body and she had a terrible infection.  She could only be touched with the special gloves.

This poor lady had many other problems [which I won't mention] and she smelled just terrible.

My wife explained this lady had to be cleaned up from head to toe.

And My wife asked "Who will go first?" The 4 nurse aids did not want to go near this poor patient. They backed away a little.

My wife continued: "You know, I have arms and hands and can help this poor lady who cannot help herself." "And God has given me two good feet and two good legs and I can move over to be near this lady and help her." "This poor lady smells [remember my wife was talking to the nurse aids out of reach of hearing of the patient]. and I have a nose and can smell but think of this poor lady who can also smell and would have to endure if we do not help her and clean her up." "God, has given me good health and the ability to help this lady who  counts on us to help her." 

At that point the 4 nurse aids almost in unison said:

"Let's do it!"

[have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everybody]