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Back in 1960 I was a freshman in college at Millikin University in my [then] hometown of Decatur Illinois.

I was a member of a fraternity. [I do not recommend anyone joining a fraternity--too much drinking etc.]

We decided to have "Olympic Games" with some of the sorority girls.


I invented a rather unique new sport...

We bought some very large frozen fish from a grocery store and let the fish start to thaw.We also had some eggs and nylon stockings.The game was called "Slap The Egg" 

Each fraternity brother participating had an egg attached to the top of his head. 

To do this we used a nylon stocking with the egg at the bottom. The stocking was wrapped from the chin to the top of the head with the egg very securely in place.  The guys looked rather silly!

Each guy had a sorority girl as a partner. She would ride piggy back holding the now almost completely thawed out large fish.  We provided gloves, of course.

So, 14 guys with 14 girls piggy back in an "arena" Not allowed to step out of the arena!  

It was like the gladiators in the Roman Coliseum! 

The object of the game was to use the fish to slap the egg on someone's head. When this worked the egg would run down the face of the loser.

It was a free for all until there would be a last man [and gal] standing!

I was one of the 14 and as it turned out after 15 minutes there were just me and my gal and another pair left. We all were exhausted.  However I had an advantage as my girl was small and rather light!

Finally my girl smashed the egg on the other frat brother's head and we won!

Soon after we started dating. We even became "lavaleered" This meant I gave her a special pin which meant we were engaged to be engaged to be married.

I remember one night taking her to an old and abandoned cementary near Lake Decatur. She loved it!

Then came Christmas vacation and she went home to Indiana,

After the vacation was over I did not hear from her.  Tried to contact her but she did not return my phone calls.  I was really depressed.

It turns out that when she went home-she got back together with her old boyfriend.


[she could have just told me this]