Dec 23, 2013, 11:17 PM |

My wife is a wonderful human being. Some years in the past she was attending college in Manila. She had to travel there by bus.

She rented a bed for a week at a time. Not a room-just a bed in a room with maybe 30 other beds all being rented out to other students, male and female.

She would come home each weekend.

She was given 200 pesos for her expenses food and bus for the whole week. This was equivalent to about $5.00 now. Just enough to survive a week of school.

One day as she was about to leave to go to Manila ,  a neighbor man was very ill and could not afford medical care. She gave him 100 pesos out of her 200.  

She did not have enough for the whole week and by Wednesday she was was completely out of money. No money to eat and no money for the bus to come home. 

She did not want to ask anyone for help--she was in a quandary.

Late Wednesday night she opened her prayer book. There was a 100 peso bill folded inside the prayer book!

Nobody knows how the money got there. Her family said they did not put it there as all they could afford was the 200 pesos a week.

Now, I am not a Catholic or a Christian but was this a miracle?