Dec 23, 2013, 5:28 PM |

Many of us have played poker for money. Until a few years ago we in the United States could play poker on the internet.  Now it is almost impossible for someone in the USA to play poker on the internet.

I am inserting a "beware" here. Do not try and play on the Locke Poker site. It is a scam.  They will not allow you to withdraw your winnings or any of your money. There have been hundreds-maybe thousands of complaints about this so-called poker site. They have some of my money and that money is "lost" in that I never expect to get it back.

There are many chess players who also play bridge on the internet. There is something fairly new. It is called "Money Bridge"

 In Money Bridge You are playing one on one vs another player.  Since it takes 4 players for a bridge game you and your opponent are assigned a bridge playing robot as a partner.  The bridge playing robots are called "gib" and can play at various strengths.  

You and your opponent are assigned a "gib" as your partner. Hopefully the two gibs are equal in strength.

Sometimes they play very well and sometimes they bid and play like complete idiots. I would say in chess terms they are on average a Class A player in strength.  The problem is on any one hand they can bid and play from below class D to senior master.

But then your opponent has the same problem.

The stakes are from free to one tenth of a penny  times your score to 2 cents times your score.  There are many world class players at 2 cents times your score.  You can easily lose a couple of hundred $ playing 2 cents times your score.

Example of a score:  One side bids and makes 4 Hearts vulnerable.

That is a score of 620  then times 2 cents is $12.40.  If you were playing only 1/2 cent game then 620 times 1/2 cent or a win of $3.10.

The hands are dealt randomly.  If you get a series of bad hands you will lose.  However there is still a lot of skill involved-more skill than in poker in my opinion.

I love to play money bridge and will take on anyone. If anyone is seriously interested just message me for more information.[note this is a very fast paced game]