Jan 1, 2014, 11:16 AM |


I have written 3 books on chess. Ponziani Power, Center Counter Uprising, and Play the Ponziani. The last two were co authored.

There was a time maybe 20  years ago I was in one of my [all too common] depressions. But despite my depression I had an idea for a chess book that had never been tried before.  So, I started work on the book despite my depression..

But my depression became too much and I had to stop. The book was approximately one third complete. My problem was what to do? I did not want my work and new ideas go to waste.

I decided that I would offer my book to somebody who was fairly well known and had written other chess books.

Here was the deal. The new author would complete the book on his own but using what I had already completed.  This was not going to be a hard book to write because of my new ideas. He could probably complete it in less than 6 months.

I told him [the eventual writer of the book] that I did not seek monetary compensation for my share of the book, I just wanted my ideas published.

Also, I told him he could write the book in his name only and he would not have to put me as co author. He agreed and I sent him everything I had already completed on the book.

But then I did not hear from him.  6 months went by and not a word.  I did not even know if he was still working on the book or maybe had abandoned the book?

And then I saw the book on sale.  It was doing well and soon sold out. He kept the money from the sell out.

Also as part of the deal he had with the publisher  he was given some free books.

[I kinda thought he might send me a free copy or two] But in the end I had to buy the book myself. 

There was absolutely no mention of my contributions to the book. 

The new author took full credit.  

There was a special part of the book which probably would have identified me. 

He deleted and changed that part!  Not only that but he found a way to make himself the "star" of the book even though there others who should have been the real stars.

Now I know many will ask the name of the book?  I cannot give the name of the book as it would expose the author and I have no intention of shaming this person.

Some might wonder what were my new ideas?. This I cannot give out for the same reason. it would identify and shame the author and that is not my purpose.

Some have said "Why didn't I make some kind of a contract"  Well, the truth is I was just so depressed that having one third of a book completed was an additonal burden on me and I wanted to quickly get rid of the burden.

Am I sorry that I worked on a book and got no credit at all? Not really, When it was printed and sold out, I was glad the book did so well.