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Ponziani Power Group

Ponziani Power Group

Dec 4, 2012, 4:03 PM 3

I joined this group when there were only about 6 members. Now there are 37 and almost all are quite interested in the Ponziani Opening.

I am probably the person on this earth with the most knowledge of this opening.  [not a modest statement but true]. I have studied and researched this opening for more than 25 years.

There are 2 published "refutations" to the Ponziani and if they would hold up--it would just about be the end of the Ponziani.  But not to worry! One of the refutations is already covered in the book I co authored [with Keith Hayward]. [Play the Ponziani] The other "refutation" is harder and it took me a while to find a good line against this "refutation" But then I had an "EUREKA!" moment and thought of something that apparently nobody has thought of before.  For now I am keeping it a semi secret but it may come up in a vote chess game and then I will use it. In the mean time my friend, Robert Forney, is keeping the line with many variations in his computer. He also is keeping many new innovations I have conjured up -just in case something happens to me-this new theory will not be lost. 

In our group we are playing vote chess games and have a very good discussion after each move.  Possible moves are discussed and then more moves and then often there is a response why a move is good or no good and finally we almost always come up with a consensus and then after all the discussion is done--we vote. We have some very nice games per our vote chess..

Also, in the forums of our group are many ponziani games and lines for the enjoyment of the group.

And, of course we welcome anyone who is interested in learning something about this opening. Laughing

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