Potential Debate Between Open Discussion and Tirades and Vendettas

Potential Debate Between Open Discussion and Tirades and Vendettas

Feb 1, 2014, 6:41 AM |

It was thought by some people in Open Discussion that it would be very nice to have some kind of debate or open discussion with members of Tirades and Vendettas. There are various forms this could happen.

However, we knew to have such a debate we would have to run it by their leader/censor.

We had a member who was in both groups and she asked the censor if he thought such a debate was a good idea?  Here are some of his responses:

"I have no interest in arranging a debate with people who:

A.  I haven't invited to this group for various reasons. [this group Tirades and Vendettas]

B. did invite but they felt themselves too good for it.

C. did join, debated for a while, and then rage [rage?] quitted (blaming the group, and its members, for their own problems - whether lack of patience, skill, or just being wrong).

[actually in almost all instances people quit the group because of the heavy censorship]

So who outside his group would he be "for" a debate?  After subtracting all he mentioned we come to "zero"

Here is another quote from the Tirades censor: " a chance to badmouth this place,"

Here is another quote: "I know right, I'm a bit pissy myself. xD But I've had this group badmouthed by too many people of the Open Discussion ilk to have anything but disdain for that group..."

Here is another quote from the Tirades Censor: "I'm pretty sure that the other 4 admin are members of Open Discussion though. o.O.I'm not sure if a debate between the groups would work, especially if it's just a chance for ponz to write another poem (which seems to be the path it's taking)  [He does not like my poems so I volunteered not to be part of the debate if it happens] How he could be worried that I might write a poem is a little beyond me.

So... the proposed debate between Open Discussion and Tirades and Vendettas never got past the opposition by the censor of Tirades and Vendettas.. 

I do not think it entered the mind of the censor that even though He was not interested in a discussion or debate with Open Discussion that Tirades and Vendettas has more than 360 members and just possibly some of them would be interested?


There is a person in Tirades
Who is a Jack of All Trades

He is a director
And the inspector
Also the group protector
He is the great Censor
and he is the dispenser

of what he knows to be facts
[if you disagree you get the ax]

He knows what is true
your facts he will eschew

As he will not forgive
Your chance is to outlive


He is an adolescent
who is incessant

that he knows what is relevant
and knows what is a detriment.
Could he be a little arrogant?

He really does not like open discussions
If you try you will get his repercussions

He also makes the rules
the rules they are jewels

He despises the other group
they are duped, they are duped!

And he really hates Ponz's poems
Does he think Ponz is King Jeroboam?

[note the poem that he dwells on was only about 6 lines and had to do with him

thinking he had a lot more knowledge than ponz ( who is 50 years older than him)]

Who is King Jeroboam?