The Reborn Beginner

Dec 5, 2007, 10:26 PM |

I rediscovered the game after what seems like eons ago.  I was a decent player, by no means the best on the block, but could hold my own.  Then I fell out of the game for quite a few years (16 of them, to be exact).  What can I say?  School, part-time jobs, girlfriends, university, career, marriage, parenthood all ate away time spent at the board.  The rekindling of my affection for chess came from an impulse purchase of Chessmaster 9000 I found in a discount bin last summer, and with it came a startling realisation that so much that I had learned about chess as a boy was lost on me now, and I had to restart all over again, pretty much from scratch.  That's fine and to tell you the truth, rediscovering the path has been kinda fun for me.

My other motivation is that when he is ready, I'd really like to teach my son how to play.  It did wonders for my intellectual development growing up (and it was fun to boot!) and I'd really like him to have the same opportunity when he is ready and if he is willing. 

 My long-term goal is of course to improve my game.  I don't have specific ratings goals or anything like that... I'd like to play each game a little bit better than the last one, win or lose.  To do that, I gotta whittle down the mistakes.  I'm also throwing my hat into my first tournament in 17 years in the new year.  Internet chess is nice, but I still like the OTB the best!

 I figure I'll use this blog to analyse two games a week... my most instructive win (if I do win, that is!) and my most brutal defeat.  Of course, all (constructive) comments are welcome!