Damiano strikes back

Jan 16, 2017, 6:24 AM |

A while ago I wrote about the Damiano defense and how it's bad. However I took for granted that I would win every time it was played against me and then I was stupid and lost.



That's the basic position of the most forceful response to the Damiano's defense. Now Black has to play with care and white too.


Some players accept the knight gambit and that lead's to disaster:


After: (3... fxe5 4. Dh5+ g6 5. Dxe5+ De7 6. Dxh8)


However although black is already in a bad position after 3. Nxe5, white should be very careful to not play on automatic or bad things can happen.


Now black player Qe2 and I followed the automatic procedure loosing quickly:

 4. Dh5+ g6 5. Cxg6 Dxe4+ 6. Be2 Dxg67. Dxg6+ hxg6