Karpov cried

Karpov cried

Jan 8, 2017, 4:12 PM |

When I grew up my favorite chess player was Anatoly Karpov. However, the game I won today should have made him cry.

I had a strong material advantage, it was a 30 minute game and I won despite my opponent had twice a mate in two. 

Actually he resigned in a mate in two position.

To be fair I had also my mate in 4 and didn't notice either.

So try it yourself to get a mate in 4:

I began it right, but when I got to a mate in 2 I blundered:
Then my opponent had a mate in two and resigned in that position. See for yourself:
Now all World champions from Wilhelm Steinitz to Magnus Carlsen should be in tears for such an awful game that I should be ashamed of winning.