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arrogant players domination

Jun 5, 2011, 11:11 PM 4

hellow chess players , I notice one thing in playing games example chess ,there are so many arroagant players .. but thats all right...!!! because maybe there is something to be arrogant for  maybe you lose in a game with them .we can't take away that  personalities runs into their blood .i think that you will not be arrogant when their is no reason to be arrogant .I cannot denied these players has the momentum to run this kind of game's,they have skills and strategies.i like to play with them not to throw foul words but to learn and maybe in the next day we defeat them and they will learn from us how to be humble even you're in the top .we  are here to play  and not just play but to make friends, learn,and handle this kind of personality.making friends or dealing with people is just like chess you have to think your next move to make them like you and so on you will checkmate them in their heart there is a hidden kindness .     

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