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Almost inocents

Apr 24, 2011, 6:53 PM 0

Last week, I receive the great visit in my office. The engineer Rewbenio came to talk a little, beyond work he told me about his chess blog (http://www.lancesquaseinocentes.blogspot.com/), also I had shown him my performance in chess.com, but he wanted to invite me to play in the next chess tournament of Natal. Then, since this visit I am thinking if I will go back to play chess on life, because today I play chess just in the chess.com. However in this moment I prefer tell you about the Rewbwnio blog (portuguess language), it is the good way to know something of the brazilian chess, in special where we have to see the chess news from Rio Grande do Norte state and from Ceara state in the brazilian Northeast. The bolg's name is very interesting and modest, “lancesquaseinocentes” (moves almost inocents), but of inocents they do not anything, they are intelligents! Above you can see the blog address, see it.

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