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Capitalizing on a mistake

Capitalizing on a mistake

Dec 15, 2015, 8:21 PM 0

A review of a new game I played, transposing from a Scotch Gambit to a Giuoco Piano. I knew my opponent had been studying the Scotch Gambit for a long time, and he was very well prepared in all lines with Bb4+ trying to keep the extra pawn. So I decided to try to return the pawn fast and go for development into a line of the Giuoco Piano and try to equalize.

I was close to equalizing when my opponent made a slight error and then went into three consecutive deep thinks, making him get into time trouble out of the opening.

I played a new ELO rated game on a tournament. And it´s the first time in my chess life that I end up in the top three of an ELO rated tournament. The runner up. And I had to defeat the tournament´s first seed in order to achieve it. Here is the review of that game.

Please, take a look at the game and let me know your thoughts or other lines.

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