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Sometimes a Cheapo saves the day

Dec 7, 2015, 9:07 AM 1

I am not at all proud of the way I played in this game, but sometimes a Cheapo can save an otherwise lost position. Before the cheapo I was all ready to resign, but extended my stay for one more move, tried a cheapo. If my opponent found almost any other move I should´ve resigned immediately as I was going to be a full piece down (and in some lines a whole rook). But since there were so many pieces en prise my opponent in a bit of time trouble missed the nuances and instead of calculating through, thought that every line won, and went for, as he explained to me in the post-mortem, simplification, and he didn´t want to let me go to an ending with the pair of the bishops as I could give him more trouble. He didn´t notice that at the end of the line I´d pick up the rook back and ended up a pawn up in an opposite colors bishop ending. It was a draw I saved on a game I should´ve lost. 

Sometimes, cheapos save the day.

Let me know your thoughts. 

I am going to keep posting my own games, wins draws and losses, as analyzing my own games, as every GM in this site say, is the best way to get better.

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