2 Queens - Avoiding Stalemate!

Nov 21, 2011, 4:24 PM |

So, you have a queen, and you decide to get another before going for the checkmate, just to make sure you are gonna win - right?... Money mouth

How many of you have accidentally stalemated someone with your 2 queens? I have, but only once... as I vowed never to do it again, by treating my queens as if they were rooks when delivering checkmate, making sure they kept her distance from the enemy king...

Here's an example of exectuting this technique...

This method is 100% foolproof and I can imagine a lot of people already use this technique, but there may be someone reading this who hasn't seen this, or who has forced a draw by stalemate by not using the queens properly.
Has this ever happened to you? Foot in mouth
A similar method can be put into practice when using the king and a queen together to checkmate a lone king...
I hope this can help and be instructive to lower-level players who are still honing their basic checkmating techniques, and maybe be a helpful recap to intermediate level players! Smile