A Puzzle - Black to Win (!?)

Feb 8, 2013, 7:17 PM |

This is my lastest creation, composed on 9th Feb 2013 Smile


Definitely more than 1 winning continuation but I like the forced line that I showed here because there are free pieces up for grabs on every move but completely ignoring them so the rook can do a 270 degree rotation with the assistance of the queen along the diagonal, note that pushing pawns don't win because the king escapes the double-discovered check!
So many puzzles have minor pieces giving the discovered checks but it's good to let the heavy pieces completely crush on the open board! Cool - note that the white pieces ONLY control light-squares and is the perfect opportunity for black to get dark-squared domination!
BUT - ...
Thanks to some eagle-eyed viewers I found this much quicker win for black Cool Thanks for the comments!