Club K.O. Tournament Round 2 - 1.d4! Makes a Return, my BEST-EVER Draw!

Jan 14, 2013, 5:40 PM |

Today I played my second round match against a 141 ECF (1776 FIDE equ.) graded player... and after suffering my first ever otb loss with 1.b3 last week, and some preparation, I decided to go back to my roots and smash out 1.d4, knowing that with solid play, I could at least try and do myself justice, play a half-decent game and hopefully win!...

I didn't win though... but got a draw! Officially my best-ever (by rating diff.) rated draw - this has restored a lot of faith in my ability to hold my own in next month's u145 tournament! Cool



I hope you enjoyed the game and like my own analysis, I don't use an engine, instead I self-analyze so my own analyzing skills and fault-finding naturally develop, then I check my own accuracy after I post it up Wink

So the outcome is a rematch in 2 weeks... and I also have to play him AGAIN in our other K.O tournament as it is a 2-life K.O with 2 sets of parings... and we're paired again lol. More 1.d4 I think Cool