Game no.2 for the Second Team - ANOTHER WIN!!

Today I was on board 5 with the black pieces against an ungraded player. By move 3 I could tell of his inexperience and by move 10 the game was basically over, he had to sac a knight to save his queen which I trapped lol! Once I knew I had won, I admit I got sloppy, but I just thought I'll play practical moves that don't lose, only win, and didn't blunder my advantage - here it is Wink


So a nice easy win, out of all my graded games so far this season I've had 3 WINS, 1 draw and 1 loss... ain't too bad I think! My next game is on Tuesday 6th November and I'll post it up! Cool


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    Wp m8, but did you not consider protecting the knight on move 7 with d5 or f5? Instead of castling? Threatening Ba6 next move. If he trys Qb5+ then Nc6 and you have that knight finished. You ended up winning it anyway lol,  but he could of got out of it. He needed Bb2 on move 10 or Bd2. But still he was so poor it didnt matter lol.

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    Thanks guys! Smile

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    Nice game Smile Makes me fear the results of our ongoing games. I hope to put up a little bit of a tougher fight though Wink Thanks for the annotations as well by the way. I enjoy reading a good players thought process in relation to their moves. Will look forward to the next one

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    Well played

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