Game no.3 for the Second Team - ANOTHER WIN!! 3/3 (!!)

Nov 15, 2012, 5:42 PM |

Yesterday I played my 3rd club match of the 2012/13 season for the second team and got another win!! Without sounding over confident, I knew I could win before the game even started, I was playing against an opponent I faced off against last season and won... I'm a lot stronger this year so I knew I could win, as long as I didn't blunder I could simply outplay him with tactics.

I was on board 6 - yes board 6 lol, as I was the lowest-graded member of the team although I'm 116 ECF (1578 FIDE equ.), board 5 we had a 126! I even had the white pieces against my low-rated opponent, a Nimzo-Larsen attack was indeed in order Wink

BUT - half way through the game my concentration started to go... badly... I had been to the gym, quickly come home and washed before going straight to chess, I hadn't eaten, and low blood sugar levels destroyed my calculation... at one point I was all over him, then I blundered a piece, then nuked him with my queen once I got my head back together! Here it is! Smile




Very happy with 3/3 for the second team so far, but to be honest I don't like playing opponents below 100 ECF (1450 FIDE) because just like online, I relish a challenge and a tough match, I really don't like these easy(ish) wins... bring on my next game - Monday!! Cool