Game no.4 for the Second Team - ANOTHER WIN!! 4/4 (!!)

Nov 19, 2012, 4:55 PM |

Today I played my 4th game for Didcot's second team and yet again got another victory! To the credit of my opponent, she gave me my toughest game so far of the season... but it was no match once again for the unspoppable Nimzo-Larsen attack!

Not including just this season, I have NEVER LOST an otb rated game with 1.b3!Wink



As you can see my opponent gave me a pretty tough time, I had a few threats to defend against but aggressive tactics once again came up trumpts!

With consistent results, I should hopefully be asked to play on board 6 for the first team a bit more... if my grade was 130 (1690 FIDE equ.) not 116 (1578), I'd actually be on board 1 for our team. There are 5, yes 5 players rated 125-129 on our team lol Laughing

Bring on my next opponent! Cool