Game no.5 for the Second Team - a Draw!?

Dec 6, 2012, 4:46 PM |

Yesterday I played against a much higher-rated opponent, and managed as you'll see to swindle a draw. Not my best game by a longshot but despite a blunder from both sides it was enough to secure the half-point and my pride intact lol! Laughing As a club we lost 4-2 we was against a stronger team really.



My opponent was graded 140 ECF (1770 FIDE equ.) only in the summer and has had a RapidPlay grade of 146 (1818) so a draw against him, well I'm happy with that result! Smile

Well that's all my club games this side of christmas, I'm playing for my County's u150's team on Saturday, this will be my third try for the County and I know I'm on board 15 with the white pieces so you know what's gonna be played! Wink

As I write this, including all my rated games I have played so far I have a season performance of 138 ECF (1754) !! My new grade won't be that high, probably about 130 (1690), all depends on Saturday - I know I'm going to be playing a lower-rated player so if I lose my rating will crash... it's a gamble... but I'm never one to shy away from a rated game opportunity! And living where I live, I don't get many chances for big tournaments so I basically try and play every single game possible...

I want my new grade in January as high as possible too so I get moved up the board order in my club - I'll be on board 2 or 3 maybe, not 5, and can play in higher/harder groups in tournaments, then I get tougher opponents! That will help me improve quicker I'm sure Cool