Game no.7 for the Second Team - 1.d4 Strikes Back (!!)

Feb 14, 2013, 3:50 PM |

Earlier today (14.02.13) I got my first shot on board 3 for my club against Oxford University, against a higher-rated opponent rated 126 ECF (I'm "still" only 116 ECF (1578) because my grade is yet to be fully updated lol) - and produced a smashing game, beating the King's Indian Defence with a 4-pawns attack! I've had some bad games in the past against it, so I was determined not to let past mistakes repeat themselves and hold back my progress both as a player and within/for my club...

Not only was this a win, but a win against the man who scored 4.5/5 at Kidlington 2 weeks ago and won the u145 section I also played in outright!! Cool (see my Kidlington 2013 blog for all 5 games, including 2 upsets with the black pieces!)

After seeing quite a few top-level games online with the King's Indian Defence I had a new formula and new knowlegde to add to my 4-pawns attack repertoire... including the correct development and outpost squares, and the thematic e5 break, all used to my advantage to beat yet another higher-rated opponent! Smile 

I did however play cautiously as you will see and almost ended up in time trouble but kept it calm under the pressure and produced the result me and my team needed - as a team we won 4-2 Smile

This is not only my first rated victory against the King's Indian Defence but I win by force first by winning the exchange, then a lovely queen sac that wins a whole piece!! Here's the game...



As you can see the tactics all worked in my favour and have my first rated game with a queen sac that won by force!! Cool Overall though I would say this game was definitely one of my more "principled" games, I stuck to theory in the opening and exploited every single weakness I could see. I didn't go too crazy in the middlegame either - I waited for the right moment to strike with e5 and open the position. This is also my first win with 1.d4 in a while, I've had lots of draws this season but not wins.

Bring on Bicester next week on the 19th Feb Wink And potentially a spot playing for my County's u150 (u1850 FIDE equ.) team on the 2nd March where I hope it will be "4th Time Lucky!" as I have yet to win a game for my County as an adult.