Game no.8 for the Second Team - 1.b3! Destroys :)

Feb 19, 2013, 5:28 PM |

Today I had my easiest win of the whole season by playing the Nimzo-Larsen attack against my lower-rated opponent. I was up on board 3 again so was expecting a harder game... my opponent had drew against me once before last season in a County match, and I had played 1.d4 ... add that to the fact our team captain told me "not to chicken out" lol and play 1.b3! as he knows how well I can play it, well it just had to be done Wink

Nothing particularly amazing happens just a slow positional crush, then he hangs a whole piece before resigning!! Laughing


Tomorrow I get to play on board 6 for the first team (Didcot 1) at home, again I'll have the white pieces so what do I play!? 1.d4 or 1.b3 Undecided - bear in mind I'll be up against a 150-odd (~1850 FIDE equ.) player, so do I play super-solid with 1.d4 and try for a draw or suprise him and go all-out with another Nimzo-Larsen attack!?... Cool

As a club we won this match 3.5-2.5 and I'm now on 6.5/8 for my club!