My 10th Game for my Club - my 5th WIN!!

Feb 22, 2012, 4:04 PM |

After a run of draws I finally have another victory with the white pieces! Today, 22nd February 2012, has been spent feeling physically run down - I wasn't even sure if I'd be playing tonight... but I felt mentally sharp enough to play. I was moved up again to board 4, so although I arrived expecting to be on board 5 with the black pieces, due to our opponents' team being short, there were only 4 boards - I took the place of our team captain, graded 127 ECF (1666 FIDE), so it was good that he had faith in me to get the point for our team.

So a lovely finish there, the queen just covers everything! I played my slow positional game, secured a slight advantage, never went for wild tactics - everything was all thought out, and converted the advantage into a comfortable win!! Cool