My 12th Game of the 2013/14 Season - A WIN with a Razor-Sharp Sicilian!

Jan 8, 2014, 4:11 PM |

Today I got my first victory for my club on board 1 against a much higher-rated opponent (a 137 ECF (was 140 (1770) last season)) and I had the black pieces - I'll let the game say the rest Smile



Very happy with my solid technical play here in what was a razor-sharp Sicilian to start with, 1 wrong move and he would have had an early win... so big thanks to IM Danny Rensch who analyzed one of my last Smith-Morra games in a video lecture and the line he showed me is what I played tonight, cheers Danny Cool

Plus my club are very happy too, I definitely have board 1 as a permanent spot as long as my grade allows me to play for them, hopefully a few more seasons! Smile That's now only 1 loss in my last 17 games and unbeaten for ALL of my club matches this season! Happy days!