My 18th Game of the 2013/14 Season - A WIN with 1.b3!

Feb 11, 2014, 6:37 PM |

Today I got my third win in a row with the white pieces using my favourite opening 1.b3! the Nimzo-Larsen attack, very flexible and I can get my favoured QID setups a tempo up or even transpose into 1.d4 territory - the initiative is almost always mine, it's how I use that initiative and tactical insight...

I faced a player graded 147 ECF (1826) who was 148 (1834) in the last list which was 26 ECF (208 Elo) higher than I was! I'm up on board 1 again with the white pieces...



He resigned with honour knowing he would lose being 3 pawns down in the arising endgame. My opponent was quite a pleasant and polite bloke the type you can actually sit and analyse with after. Very pleased to have won this! Players over 144 ECF (1802+) are all going down recently when I play this so I'm finally getting consistent results against 1800+ strength players and my season performance is currently ~147 ECF (1826) (between 145-150 ECF basically) so I will be getting another nice grade increase in July IF I can sort my game with black out and keep on winning with white.

I've been playing lots otb this season and I have another tournament at the start of March, and at least 8-9 more club games plus possible u150 (u1850) County games if I get picked. Definitely enjoying chess at the moment Cool