My 7th Game for my Club - my 4th WIN!!

Jan 18, 2012, 4:06 PM |

Yes that's right, today, 18th January 2012, I'm finally back on form with another win for my club! To make the victory even sweeter, I was the only person to score a win in my club tonight - we lost 4.5 to 1.5 to a strong team but I played a strong game with the black pieces and collected the point! Cool

My opponent played the 1.c4 English opening against me which I don't like, so just like my previous game against the English opening, transposed it into a much more familiar position, building a Sicilian Scheveningen defence and attacking with success!

I have analyzed the game with Houdini and there are faults with my game at various stages, even some blunders, but I should note that the main attack (moves 19-30) where I attack on the dark squares after my opponent blunders is flawless - zero mistakes of any kind!! After my opponent makes his final blunder on move 38, my endgame play until resignation is also completely flawless - zero mistakes of any kind!! I am actually proud of this game - ENJOY! Smile

I am pleased with the way I handled this game, and it now means I have collected 4.5 points for my club out of a possible 7, which gives me an overall success rate of 64.29% which I am definately happy with! Smile

Hopefully I can produce something similar next week...