My 8th Game for my Club - my 3rd Loss...

Jan 25, 2012, 3:54 PM |

Yep, today on Wed 25th January 2012, I played my first game on board 4 for my club, instead of board 5, faced a higher-rated opponent and lost. But I didn't just lose, I fell snap to a simple mate-in-1 on move 20...

Just to make it worse, the person who beat me was blind. Yes, BLIND!! He had bought a little wooden "peg" chess board with the dark squares indented, he made his moves by feeling over the pieces it was pretty amazing to watch to be honest! I can't say it put me off or was distracting having to read out my move aloud to him because it wasn't... I lost my game because I failed to miss the obvious. Enjoy the horror and have a good laugh! Laughing


So yeah, not a good start to playing on board 4... but as a team we lost 4-2 I think... they were a good team.