My 9th Game for my Club - my Second Draw!!

Feb 6, 2012, 4:30 PM |

Today, 6th February 2012 I played my 9th OTB game for my club and got my second draw of the season. We played an away match against Witney. To make this draw a little bit sweeter, he was a higher-rated player than me and this is officially my best draw to date!

Every attack and tactic I threw at him he found the move to equalize, neither of us could gain any advantage over the other, and after several exchanges a draw was agreed. I was happy with the draw because I am still fatigued after my all-weekender tournament (those 5 games will be going up in the next few days) and as a team, we won 4-2! Cool

I haven't run this position through Houdini yet, but was looked over by several people from both teams and no-one could find a winning line for me so a draw was a fair result. Smile