My First Game of the 2013/14 Season - a Draw?!

Oct 9, 2013, 3:44 PM |

Today I was on board 6 playing for Didcot 1 (my club's top team) against Bicester 1 and I had the white pieces and managed to cook up a pretty tasty attack lol Wink I'm calling it the Motaba River attack because like in the film Outbreak my pieces flew out with virus-like aggression! Laughing My opponent was graded 133 ECF and mine is up from last season's 116 ECF (1578) but up to just 122 ECF (1626) lol due to performances from 2 seasons ago being counted, Here's the game...



As you can see I probably threw away a win somewhere but I had the bishop-pair as compensation for a long time and when I was forced (tempi-wise) to give up my LSB for his knight it was just about forming a blockade on the dark squares and exchanging rooks to go into a drawn opposite-colour bishops endgame.

Me and my opponent analysed after the game and played a few moves out and we was both happy with a draw, my captain was happy with my performance and I'm playing again next Wednesday for Didcot 1 again I think!

So glad the summer's over and regular otb chess is back!! I also have a tournament (u180's (u2090 FIDE equ.)) in 10 days over the weekend too so that should provide some VERY tough and instructive games, and that for me = fun Cool