My Fourth Game of the 2013/14 Season - a Draw on Board 2 :)

Nov 4, 2013, 5:55 PM |

Today I played on board 2 for my club's second team with the black pieces against a very solid player from Witney who I have met before as he has taken me to County games in previous seasons.

His ECF grade is 143, compared to my 122 ECF and he has been as high as 150 ECF (1850) so a strong opponent. On paper he was the favourite to win anyway, I faced the English opening (1.c4) and here's what happened...



As you can see this is a drawn endgame. We even played out a few variations after agreeing to the draw and they ended in repetition so overall I was pleased to get half a point for my team against a stronger player and help our team draw the match 3-3 Smile

On Wednesday 6th I will be representing our first team on board 6 at home so that will be another game with the black pieces! Cool