My Second Game for the First Team - 1.b3!? - Lost :/

Feb 20, 2013, 6:09 PM |

Earlier tonight I played for my club's top team on board 6 and my opponent's grade was 144 ECF (1802 FIDE equ.)... I lost. But we were outclassed on all 6 boards they even had an almost WFM (only 24 Elo/FIDE away) on board 2 so goodness knows how strong their board 1 was...

Anyway here's the game - it starts very well...



Well although I lost, my opponent shook my hand and said I was the strongest 116 ECF he'd ever played and said he had to work very hard to find all the accurate moves so I was happy with his compliament! Cool

At the end of the day, he is and was the stronger player and thoroughly deserved his win in my eyes. I knew I was signing up for a loss anyway, I didn't expect to win but I still went in all-guns blazing, just for the fun of the game and crucial high-level experience of course! Wink