My Second Game of the 2013/14 Season - a WIN with 1.d4!

Oct 16, 2013, 5:45 PM |

Today I helped my team 'Didcot 1' to a massive 5.5-0.5 win over 'Witney 3' by winning on board 6! Just to give an idea of the gradings our board 5 is graded 157 ECF (1906 FIDE equ.) and drew his game whereas I'm only graded 122 ECF (1626) despite performing ~137 ECF (1746) and I won my game - I believe he is ungraded, he said he used to be graded 100-and-something a few years back but has no current grade, but he provided some nuisance value to getting my win anyway so I'd say he's ~1500 strength.

I decided on playing 1.d4 as I was studying my Queen's Gambit book and was hoping on getting to play it and I faced the QGA (accepted, 2...cxd4) which I really like playing against and I have a good % win ratio with this opening! Here's the game Cool



As you can see he saw all my tactical ideas but simply got outplayed by me, and after a huge streak of draws (all to much stronger players but draws all the same) I mentally needed this win and although it was to a weaker player it's given me the extra boost I was looking for as I am representing my team 'Didcot 2' on board 1 next Wednesday!! Cool