My Sixth Game of the 2013/14 Season - a Draw (?!)

Nov 25, 2013, 6:30 PM |

Today I represented my club on board 1, I had the white pieces, I was 11 minutes late to the match but I quickly thrashed out the opening and got a pretty nice position.

As the middlegame ensued I thought I had a very promising attack, but somewhere I went really wrong and I drew to my lower-rated opponent. This is officially my worst result of the season... although I am unbeaten in all 6 games, this was a draw vs. a lower-rated, not good. I obviously have things in my play I need to address...

The game isn't annotated that much, but anyone with an engine evaluation before I blunder somewhere would be grateful. Here's the game.



As you can see I escaped with a draw with the double-rooks endgame, how/why I let myself get into that mess I really don't know. Improvements must be made... I have another rated game in less than 2 days, again with the white pieces.

The opening was strong, 1.b3 always is, but I seem to have problems converting a slight advantage into a winning one.