My Third Game for the County - a Draw?!

Today I represented Oxfordshire's u150 (1850 FIDE equ.) team on board 15 with the white pieces... against a lower-rated player... pulled out all the stops and used every trick in the book, got a fantastically winning position and blundered into perpetual check lol Tongue Out

Here's the madness!! I was even up a pawn by move 6 lol Laughing



My blunder on the chessboard was a life mistake - I got greedy with the pawn munching and moved too quickly forgetting to see the bigger picture, and this was the price I paid.

As a team/County I believe the final result was a win for us 9-7

I hope I can raise my game in 2013 when the new grades are published - after this draw I'll be very suprised if it's over 130 ECF (1690) but the game gave me a valuable chess lesson that I'll never forget Wink

Oh yeah - STILL UNBEATEN otb rated with 1.b3 Cool


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    Thanks for the extremely helpful and instructive comment. lol. Without an engine I even put in my annotations (if you even read them lol) that I know the exchange sac would have worked, and my opponent had a grade of 90 today, so he's been doing alright this season lol, and not just me - there was another person on our team, graded 126, DREW against a 100! Another 26-point grade difference draw. This draw will destroy my new grade lol, as long as it's over 125 that's all I care about (because I'll be on board 2 instead of board 5 for my club from when the new grades are published Wink

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    Mate why didnt you take the knight with your rook lol. 5 Connected pawns 4 of them passed lol. Complete win. Was no perpetual as Rxg3 is totally winning. Dear oh dear, see how the low raters can be the hardest to beat lol. This guy 76 or something 6 years ago and hes not played since. Tut tut ;)

    And if he took with Rook at end he had mate in 4 lol.

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