My Third Game for the County - a Draw?!

Dec 8, 2012, 2:36 PM |

Today I represented Oxfordshire's u150 (1850 FIDE equ.) team on board 15 with the white pieces... against a lower-rated player... pulled out all the stops and used every trick in the book, got a fantastically winning position and blundered into perpetual check lol Tongue Out

Here's the madness!! I was even up a pawn by move 6 lol Laughing



My blunder on the chessboard was a life mistake - I got greedy with the pawn munching and moved too quickly forgetting to see the bigger picture, and this was the price I paid.

As a team/County I believe the final result was a win for us 9-7

I hope I can raise my game in 2013 when the new grades are published - after this draw I'll be very suprised if it's over 130 ECF (1690) but the game gave me a valuable chess lesson that I'll never forget Wink

Oh yeah - STILL UNBEATEN otb rated with 1.b3 Cool