My Third Game for the First Team - A WIN (!!)

Apr 10, 2013, 6:39 PM |

Yesterday I played on board 6 for my club and despite feeling a bit unwell... I went to the table and played a super game with the black pieces! How I produced this after just 5h sleep and against a stronger player I'll never know! Laughing



So yet another quick victory with the black pieces against 1.e4 and a resignation before move 30 from a stronger player! Plus the fact that on move 2 I was already out of book so I just played the position without any knowledge of theory against the Grand Prix attack. My new grade in July should be looking near ~140 ECF (~1770 FIDE equ.)

I should have played another game today on board 1 too but I've been physically unwell so couldn't make the match. Frown That would have been another game with the black pieces against someone around ~130 (1690) and most likely won lol but I needed time to unwind and sort other events in my life outside chess.

So - my next game is just over 2 weeks away and the blog will be up as usual! Cool Until then...