New Chess Puzzle Book!!

Nov 27, 2011, 3:26 PM |

Over the last year, I have been creating chess puzzles for a book I would love to publish one day - and here are 6 sample puzzles from my book - 1 from each difficulty level!

"Chess Puzzles - 101" or "101 Chess Puzzles" will be the title of the book! Just something simple Smile - Other suggestions are welcome...

Obviously, the book will contain 101 individual chess puzzles, with solutions and full descriptions, along with some other material which I have already blogged - including checkmating techniques. But it will all be perfectly scrutinised again and perfected before I take it to a publisher.

The puzzles will range from Level 1, aimed towards inexperienced players, beginners learning the game or even undergoing tuition at the early phase, to Level 6 for the more serious player, such as club-level players. Please note that the puzzles are not aimed at advanced players or masters, but aimed at children, beginners, improving players, to club-level players such as myself! Cool

Here, I am just giving a small sample, 1 puzzle from each difficulty. All the material is my own work, my own creations, my own ideas, it hasn't been copied from anywhere, hence this has been a work in progress for almost a year and is still unfinished. In the book, the bottom corners where the page numbers are have been colour-coded according to difficulty, starting at blue for level 1, working your way through to brown for level 6. I have colour-coded the puzzles here to reflect this.

I still haven't decided on paper or electronic format, I would appreciate some advice and/or constructive critisism please!

I hope you can solve the puzzles, I would really appreciate some feedback on this just incase I may have even missed something!! People so far on here don't seem to be familiar with "there could be more than 1 solution" so here is a quote from a famous book (1000 Checkmate Combinations) in which Mikhail Tal contributed to the material -

"When checking your answers to exercises with the solutions, in a number of cases you might come across alternative versions. Not all the positions have one solution. In some the win is obtained not only with the help of tactics, but also positional means. In practical play it will also frequently be like this: the side having the advantage has several ways leading to victory. In the answers are given continuations occuring in the games, or mentions of missed opportunities. If you find another way to win, that's good."

This basically means I have gave one solution to each, there could be more than 1 solution though in some of them... work it out and see Wink

I started working on the puzzles in January but haven't done any further work on them since July, I plan to hopefully finish the book over the Xmas period, I've already put 100's of hours into the 93 I've completed so far - that's creating the puzzle, ironing out any problems with it, then drawing it in best with good old pen and paper!
If you think the idea of publishing it on DVD-rom to make it more interactive and user-friendly is good, or you, just like me, love to sit down with a book and a chess board going over problems, please let me know!
As you are aware, this whole project is still a work-in-progress, and wouldn't even be getting released on any format until 2013 at the earliest, so I am completely open to any suggestions or constructive critisism which could help me with this, what I could include, what I shouldn't include, I am all-ears to the community!! Smile