Puzzle Creation On Tactical Motif - Beginner-Intermediate Level 15.09.15

Sep 15, 2015, 4:18 PM |
Just a nice simple puzzle (beginner-intermediate (1300-1400) that I created earlier when I was giving a friend a few games and a bit of coaching Smile 
I wanted to get across a very specific tactical motif that my friend will need to learn if he's going to improve on his guesstimate rating of 1150-1200. So yeah almost everyone here should get this first go - it's also a confirmed puzzle to be in my puzzle book which I hope to publish in the near future.
If anyone wants to see some of my much harder puzzles (if this is too easy Wink) check my blog or post a comment and I'll paste the links to some of my personal favourite creations. Questions and comments always welcome. Cool 
(Please scroll slowly as I copied the solution text for easier reading and it's just under the bottom of the board...)
(Solution Text Explanation Is Below)
Yep you got it...
It's a...
Double-Discovered Checkmate-in-1 Smile
"Boom! Double-Discovered Checkmate-in-1! Just something simple I made earlier while giving an otb lesson to a friend, the Bishop could be captured, so could the Rook (via Queen sac leading to back-rank mate QxR+, NxQ, Rd1# (forced)) but both can't be captured on the same move - a concept which I believe separates beginner-level players from intermediate-level, I wanted to exaggerate the motif so it would stay in my friend's head and his skill continues to approach intermediate level :) It was fun explaining the intricacies of this motif to my friend!" Cool