Don't judge =P

Don't judge =P

Dec 17, 2009, 2:52 AM |

Just a convo. between my sis. and someone from over seas.

Thought it was quite funny so just saying neva judge something :)


Person: Hay

Sis: hey

Person: You from South Africa ?

Sis: yeah

Person: What do you guys do 4 entertainment ?

Sis: We play with mud

Person: What do you do with the mud ?

Sis: We make mud pies

Person: How do u get 2 school ?

Sis: We ride on elephants

Person: How do u have a pc ?

Sis: We don't this is the only one in the country, the villlage says hi


Person is now offline.



Hahaha funny funny

Honestly people. SA is as developed as any other country =]


Neva neva judge ~ u mite just make a bum of yourself ~ Tongue out