chess rules

Aug 2, 2009, 6:23 PM |

Chess is the most serious game in the world. I have been playing for 9 years and am rated about 1250 I am proud of it because 900 is the average rating for a child. (Did I mention I am a kid?) Anyway, I play chess for 4 reasons, 1. it is somthing to be a part of and to be proud of.I have made friends over it and played many people from many places. 2. Chess is a stress reliver. It is somthing to play after a hard day of school. 3. I get to travel 4. Chess is fun and raises your I.Q.! Right now I play the reti(when white) and center-counter as black if they do e4. These often catches people off guard because of how uncommon they are. I stink at blitz chess though (well online anyway) because I cant look  far ahead and i am bad under pressure. The worst chess experience Ive ever had was playing a guy who was obviously losing but he just kept on sitting there knowing there was no way he could win (literally,he had only a king and bishop and i had a rook, queen and king) and he had 2 hours on his clock, so i ended up having to sit there for 2 hours until his clock ran out. After the time ran out, he just left. On a non-chess related note, my goal in life is to be able to balance on one finger without any other support. Also,I want to move to Singapore when I grow up.(once again, I am a kid)

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