The halloween

Jan 1, 2011, 11:34 AM |

Ive just taken up a new and rather notorious gambit. There are a few names for it but I call it the Halloween gambit. You trade a knight for a pawn (you can usually get two) for a massive attack on blacks king. If black plays correctly, they can have a huge positional advantage but to get this he must sack a bishop evening out the material but giving himself, as I said before a huge positional advantage.  Usually, I only play this in unrated games, but I played it once in a rated game for my first try,(I won!). In average gambits, Only a pawn is given up for development, this one gives up a knight making it notorious and has only 1 practical use: Blitz. If any of you reading this wanna play the Halloween, I suggest only doing it in unrated or blitz games, otherwise it Can give black a positional advantage. Also, this almost always leads to an open game. 

The Halloween: