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bit peeved at chess.com

Sep 4, 2014, 6:06 PM 0

is it just me or has chess.coms integrity at question due to all the cheaters playing in tournaments way below their pay grade.. as it were. I thought i had a chance else why grade our ranks ? .. all the players in my group suddenly beat way high grade players constantly, and float into 1700s from 1400 odd grade.. what is point in competing in tournament when these people just use a low ranked player name to enter and then suddenly tear your guts out . As ex computer , I KNOW that chess.coms systems have ALL the dat and WOULD KNOW that this is occuring but still let us fair players get shit on ... for what?.. create disgruntlement amoung the new generations gettinfg ripped and realising we have been used for our fees but then left to the wolves... PLEASE..... CHESS.COM do something about this ... they may not use chess machines to cheat ,, but it is even worse in my oppinion... thanks for reading and listening i hope. We need clean up the image

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