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Monthly Blog: July 2017

Monthly Blog: July 2017

Jul 14, 2017, 8:17 PM 2

Ahh....July, a lot of things happen for a lot of people this month. National Chocolate day, which no one celebrates, we Americans celebrated Independence Day, or the Fourth, as everyone else calls it, our Neighbors to the North celebrated Canada Day on the 1st, and the French celebrated Bastille Day on the 14th...and of course, summer for most of us in the northern hemisphere, and Christmas on the southern hemisphere, I guess. But enough of the holidays for this month, it's time for the 7th monthly blog this year. I played this game at a tourney, round 2, paired with someone who was almost rated 1900 (USCF, I assume) at the time. I was white, and please comment, I'd love your feedback! happy.png


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