Being Human in Chess and Life

Being Human in Chess and Life

Jul 12, 2017, 12:34 AM |

Being Human in Chess and Life


Being human in Chess sounds like a simple stuff but so many of the invincible human beings on reaching  top have got defeated by themselves as they did not realize that they were simple human beings. Listening to Sadhguru, The Mystic, the other day in one of his talks he articulated to the extent of saying that we may think that we know so much these days, where we have got the best of the inventions and technology to our side but the knowledge that we have will not equal to the size of the mustard seed. When I ponder over this I feel that indeed we are nothing even as human beings when we wonder about the functioning of the Universe.

On the above introductory note, Chess is a something that has been created by someone who had blessings of the Universe. Music also falls in the same category and why even that if you take a look at the ball, be it football, volleyball, baseball, cricket or tennis ball, you realize that we have so many endless combinations emanating from this. So simple but yet so powerful.

I can go on and on; on this theme but let’s get back to Chess. Chasing targets like ratings, wins and opponents is a wild goose chase and you may never get there. Lots of them have got there but many of them ended up losing themselves. Therefore, it really does not matter where you are and where you get. What is important is your ability to keep yourself free from guilt and pride. Don’t be proud of your wins and don’t have guilt over your defeats. Are you able to do that??? Who cares, no one and who knows, no one???! Wrong answer, only you know it but do you ask yourself this. Figure this out and it will make you a better human being and a player. The moment you do this rest of the things will fall in place…

Having gone through this cycle so many times in life and chess, I feel that I could give so many examples of mine but most of you won’t know me, therefore I do not matter. While you get to know me, I opted to make a compilation of videos from the endless treasure of youtube that matches with my theme.

I hope you learn from them and also enjoy them.


Human After All - World's No.2 Super GM Wesley So Out In Just 17 Moves: null

Published on Jul 11, 2017

Once again, Drama on the Chessboard. Even the very best of the best can blunder their chess pieces but 'hanging' your queen in an otherwise equal game is what happened to the World's second best Super Grandmaster Wesley So in 2017 Leon Spain in his very first game in the tournament against Duda.


The TOP 5 most terrible blunders from top grandmasters: 


 Published on Oct 1, 2016

Top players don’t normally make mistakes but, instead, play perfectly. Their moves can be characterized by precise calculation. But, in some cases, they do make TERRIBLE blunders.


Chess - Heartbreaking blunder in one move:


Published on Apr 2, 2015

GM Davorin Kuljasevic presents a heartbreaking blunder. A chess player misses a mate in one in the World Chess Championship tiebreak to drop a queen and get eliminated.


Going through the above made me even more serious than I was when I started with, therefore I searched for humour. Good humour adds fun to your life and yet teaches very powerful lessons. Do check these out before you sign off.


Funny Chess Moments 14 - Aronian vs Nakamura - U Can't Touch This! - Touch Move rule:


Published on Apr 23, 2016

Ever heard about the touch-move rule? Here's what happens when you start playing with the pieces without saying "j'adoube". 


Funny Chess Moments 13 - Carlsen vs Anand - La Difesa Russa - Sleeping Champion (game 8 - 2014 WCCM): null

Published on Apr 3, 2016

Bad case of Narcolepsy for Magnus Carlsen... Viswanathan Anand doesn't look to be pleased.


 Top Funny Moments (World Rapid & Blitz Chess Championship Ceremony 2016):


Published on Jan 6, 2017

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I hope that you revisited the fact that there are possibilities of making mistakes in Chess. They are countless and they keep happening. Therefore when this happens to you, you need to smile it off and move on in life for better. Don’t be too obsessed with winning. Winning is just one element of Chess and Life. This article will not prevent you from making such mistakes or these things happening to you but if you are able to grasp the essence of this article, you will be able to get out of such situations as a better player/person after making blunders.


Enjoy Chess and Life !!!




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