Learning to have faith in yourself and your openings

Learning to have faith in yourself and your openings


Learning to have faith in yourself and your openings


Having faith in your capabilities is a tough one as you begin the journey in the field of Chess. It gets even more tough when you are having the task of trusting the gambits that you like or play...

After all, what is a gambit. In gambit you are sacrificing a pawn/piece for some returns. There is no guarantee of the return on the sacrifice you have made. What will happen if the opponent just takes the pawn/piece and I have no compensation? Such are the vibrations in the head at the starter levels of tournament play.

In this blog, I shall highlight this issue about having faith in yourself and the openings that you play. The first game I played somewhere in 1988/89 era and I lost meekly. The second one I tried again with yet a stronger opponent. Lets see, what happened.

A month or two later, I was playing yet another fomidable opponent of that time. Much more experienced than me and he could play very well in if the game extended. The solution was to try for a gambit and get some attack going. King's Gambit was a good choice but I was very fresh with the loss that I just showed. Anyway... I had to leave that behind and move on.

You saw two games and now for the lessons in having faith in yourself and your openings.

  •  The initial days are tough for competitive chess. Try to develop faith in yourself, things get better with that...
  • The openings have a big impact on the result. At times the openings don’t give you the results that you desire. Stick to the openings if you are sure that you understand the opening well !!!
  • Don’t get upset with the result of the game in case you lose in your favourite opening. Instead try to learn the lessons from that defeat. The defeats teach you the best lessons and build up understand, should you decide to revisit the loss.
  • Don’t fear to experiment, specially at the younger age. Remember that you are in the process of learning about yourself. If you don’t find out about yourself, then who will....


Happy Journey!!!!!! diamond.pngdiamond.pngdiamond.png