Time has value.

Aug 3, 2011, 1:15 AM |

Time plays a huge role in any online match and i wonder whether it has been included in rating a win.

I mean rating systems must include time taken to win a match into consideration before giving points to a player.

Lets say two matches played between similar rated players eg 1410 vs 1400.

first match 1410 wins a blitz match at 4min and gets 9 points and they both play second match eg 1419 vs 1400 now 1400 wins it in 1min he gets 10 points is it fair.

1400 gets 1 extra point for defeating higher rated player.

both are 1-1 but if you consider margin of victory its 4 times better than the first person.

May be someday they should include time into the algorithm to be more precise.

yes i understand win is a win but rating players just by their previous points is not accurate.