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How my first blog registered 200 views in no time

How my first blog registered 200 views in no time

Apr 27, 2016, 3:28 AM 0

First, I would like to thank my readers for the response and positive feedback.  When I was writing my first blog earlier this week, I just wanted to make sure it reaches my target readers.  I chose the beginners as my readers as they really need some guidance.  There are many books and tools available for the advanced players, but the beginners do not have much choice.  When you just begin to play Chess, you are really unsure where to start and how to progress.  Hence I thought of addressing these issues.  I presented my 10 Chess Commandments for Beginners.  (https://www.chess.com/blog/rama-chandra/10-chess-commandments-for-beginners).


In the title itself I mentioned who are likely to be benefited from this blog.  Then I made a point to point presentation with simple examples with the help of Diagrams.  I hope this helped my readers to understand better and remember forever.   I did not talk much about any advanced strategies as I wanted to keep it very simple.  Hope we had a good start.  There is much more to come, keep reading.  Thank you.

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