Book Reading Schedule

Apr 13, 2010, 8:43 PM |

I am an avid collector of chess books. Of course, they are easier to buy than read as I'm sure most of you know. I have close to fifty books probably in my collection. I've read probably five of them cover-to-cover (How to Reassess Your Chess twice, actually!). I'm skimmed the rest of them quite a bit also, and read parts here and there. 

In order to use these books to the best of my ability, I've decided to dedicate a book to each day of the week. Each day, I usually read about an hour. On each book's day, I will read the assigned book for that day.

Sunday (opening) - "Pirc Alert!" by Lev Alburt

Monday (endgame)- "Just the Facts!" by Lev Alburt 

Tuesday (tactics/defense) - "Looking for Trouble" by Dan Heisman

Wednesday (opening) - "Bird-Larsen Attack" by Andrew Soltis

Thursday (defense) - "How to Defend in Chess" by Colin Crouch

Friday (studying master games/endgame) - "Capablanca's Best Chess Endings" by Irving Chernev

Saturday (opening) "Chess Openings for Black Explained" by Lev Alburt


I also have "Sharpen Your Tactics" by Anatoly Lein and Boris Archangelsky which is basically tactics puzzle book. I have this with me most of the time, and flip through it occasionally throughout the day. This makes sure that I am always brushing up on tactics even on days when the book I'm dealing with isn't a tactics book, specifically. As I'm sure most of you know, chess is, to a large degree, all about tactics. Especially at the Class Player level (2000 and under I believe), tactics is probably the biggest thing you can do to improve your game. Because of this, it is important to focus on tactics as much as you can. I plan on doing this, and that's why more than one day has a tactics book assigned to it.

I enjoy writing these blogs, and I hope you enjoy reading them. Let me know if there's something you would like me to write about. I can give the perspective of a low-rated player, if that's worth anything to anyone! Laughing