My Poetry

May 15, 2008, 2:47 AM |
BLACK   HAIR  Black hairBeautiful eyesBad thoughts rushing through my mindGood for me but bad for youWhat ever way you see thisI can’t get you out of my mindFor BABYLON cannot arrange thisFor cripples and black hairare not allowed even think this For the shape of my mindand the shape of my bodyI personally shouldn’t exist But I love black hair Beautiful eyesand I always love this stareso who gives a damn about this chairI can’t help if I careBlack hair, beautiful eyes 



 "PAINTING AND WRITING" The painting will help the writingSo I don’t give up the fightingMy fear and painare just another gameof dream and illusion for me My pain is to gainLoveand my fear is when I loveFear of emotionNot fear of anyone else For I keep fighting for the rightto expressand I shape out writin' and paintin'like a woman’s breast I love sexThat is why I shape my painting’s outlike a beautiful woman wearing a dressFor there’s one thing I’d love to doand that’s to address my fear of  love The paintin' will help the writin'So I don’t give up the fight   STEPHEN RASTA WALSH 

  “ JAH RASTAFARI”RASTAFARI spirit of JAH, smell the herbHere Ethiopia calling the prophets whenever cryingthey where always trying to drag babylon downgive thanks and praise to JAH as his spirit has helped the prophets in the past  for them that do not know it and do not wish to believe itJAH is with us all no matter how we callwe could be calling in Israelwe could be calling in Zimbabweno matter which way we are callingas long as we are getting the message throughfor I and I and all people thank the prophets of yesterday for they will never go awaythem a  rastas them a buddas them is catholic tooso no matter who they are JAH RASTAFARI will see them throughso my message to you is rise togetherso we are calling everyone and everywherefor the spirit of JAH has always been throughno matter what they call him he is always there for youso let us rise together, together we will rise.  Stephen Rasta Walsh