The world we live in

Aug 12, 2015, 9:06 PM |

The world we live in, as we know it, it's dying. Maybe it's not dying, dying, but it's in a big trouble right now. But, there are good news. We can save it! We, the people, we can make a better world. Healthier and wonderful. For everybody! The only problem we need to overcome is the evil. This world was given to Satan as a playground. It's like in The Hunger Games. Our duty is to understand what it's going on. Throught chess, we can acheive that. The complexity of this concept it's deep and The Game of Kings can help us to understand that. So, keep going and become a better chess player. A better chess player is a better person. A better person is a good asset for humanity. We need as many good people as possible in this battle ground help The Good win!!






Here it's a good start:


Click the image below. Watch, listen and wake up!!